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Vivo X90 series’ camera configurations announced ahead of launch

Vivo has revealed the camera configurations and features for its upcoming X90 series smartphones. The China-based smartphone maker is set to launch the Vivo X90 series in December. The series is said to consist of Vivo X90, Vivo X90 Pro, and Vivo X90 Pro+. The smartphones are tipped to be powered by the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 2 chipset.
Vivo and Zeiss have been working on the upcoming X90 series’ flagship camera technology. The smartphone is said to arrive with a bigger photoreceptor.

According to Vivo, the photosensitive ability is said to be 77% better than that of the 1/1.3-inch Samsung ISOCELL CNGand it will come in 1-inch size.
Here’s what the Chinese smartphone maker discussed ahead of the launch:
Imaging technology matrix
With the X90 series, Vivo is doubling down on portraits and night photography, with its technology partner Zeiss. First, the optical system will use innovative lenses and coatings to boost the image sensor’s signal-to-noise ratio. Then, the True Color Restoration Engine sets the white balance.
Image Quality Engine
As per Vivo, its “super-resolution” technology uses a virtual lens model to recover 35% of image imperfections. For periscope lenses, there is a multi-frame mode to improve image quality and dynamic range. The phone checks the ambient light brightness and colour temperature for each shot.
Portrait system
Vivo and Zeiss have teamed up to build a new 50mm portrait lens. Vivo says that portrait photography in the X90 series follows a three-part system rule. In the first phase, it analyses the scene and recognises 103 facial feature points and the subject’s position. Then, it applies machine-learning beauty filters to the topic, while the others work on multiple dials that help altering the background (blur, tone, brightness, etc.).
VCS Bionic Spectrum Technology
As compared to the IMX866 sensor, the next-generation sensor with VCS technology is said to boost the signal-to-noise ratio by 20% and colour reproduction by 15%. The X90 series is expected to come with the Sony IMX989 sensor.
Sky Night View System
The new “Sky Night View System” uses a self-developed AI algorithm and an improved lens sensor that increases picture sensitivity by 100%, claims Vivo. The system is said to support ISOs up to 102400, and allow lengthy exposures without tripods or stabilisers. Users can now capture starry skies with handheld devices.
Vivo X90 series will feature over 5x zoom lens which will increase the shooting resolution by up to 64%.

A larger CMOS sensor
The X90 series will feature a larger CMOS sensor with 77% more light sensitivity than GNV, claims the company. The new generation of self-developed image chips will use the AI-ISP architecture to bring the low-latency and high energy-efficiency of traditional ISPs to the AI real-time processing computing architecture to handle more complex mobile phone multi-camera application scenarios, it added.
As per Vivo, a new acceleration engine which could be the successor of the V1 ISP will process most of the data. Video processing hardware is custom-designed and SRAM on the proprietary vivo chip will handle all data.

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