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VIDEO: Remember or not, on this day ‘God’ himself scored the goal on the football field

New Delhi. Today is a very special day for the Argentine football team. 36 years ago i.e. on 22 June 1986, under the captaincy of Diego Maradona, Argentina’s team defeated England 2-1 in the quarter-finals of the FIFA World Cup and entered the semi-finals. Maradona scored both goals for Argentina. Both Maradona’s goals were very much discussed. Especially the first goal was controversial.

In this prestigious tournament held in Mexico, Maradona wanted to score with a header in this match, but the ball allegedly hit his hand and went into the goal post. The match referee had failed to see it. However, according to his fame in this match, he scored almost the entire team of England with his superb dribbling and gave the team a memorable victory. Maradona called it the will of God ‘Hand of God’ (Hand of God), which is still famous with the same name.

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The second goal was named ‘Goal of the Century’.
Diego Maradona scored the second goal four minutes later. It was known as ‘Goal of the Century’. This goal of Maradona becomes even more special because then he had brought the ball to the goal post while hitting 5 players including England’s goalkeeper. Maradona scored a total of five goals in this tournament.

Argentina won the world title for the second time
Argentina achieved the distinction of becoming world champion for the second time. He achieved the distinction of becoming world champion for the second time after beating West Germany 3–2 in the final. Then Mexico hosted the FIFA World Cup for the second time. Earlier, Argentina had won the world title in its hosting in 1978.

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