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UPSC : 19 ias officer candidates got up cadre including topper shruti sharma upsc cse

In the batch of UPSC Civil Services Examination 2021, 19 candidates from Uttar Pradesh have become IAS officers. Out of these only three candidates have been allotted their home cadre UP. UPSC CSE 2021 topper Shruti Sharma and fifth rank holder Utkarsh Dwivedi have got their home cadre UP. Prafulla Kumar Sharma, who got its rank 249, will also get a chance to serve his state UP. The rest of the candidates have got cadres from other states of the country. For example, Yaksh Chaudhary, who got 5th rank, has been allotted Rajasthan cadre. There are a total of 178 IAS officers from across the country in the cadre allotment list of UPSC 2021, out of which 13 IAS officers are going to UP.

UPSAC 2021 topper Shruti Sharma is a resident of Bijnor. In the first attempt, due to some language problem, he had to give the main examination in Hindi. In 2020, she missed out on number one. Shruti is a History Honors graduate from DU’s St. Stephen’s College and did her Masters in History from JNU. He studied in residential coaching from Jamia Millia Islamia. Wherein UPSC 2021 All India Rank 5 holder Utkarsh Dwivedi is a resident of Ayodhya. He secured 5th rank in the third attempt in the UPSC exam. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering from VIT Vellore in 2019.

UPSC topper Shruti Sharma got UP cadre, Ravi Sihag got MP, see full list

These 19 candidates from Uttar Pradesh became IAS officers
Rank-1, Shruti Sharma
Rank – 5, Utkarsh Dwivedi
Rank – 6, Yaksha Chowdhary
Rank – 12, Yasharath Shekhar
Rank 27, Saksham Goyal
Rank 54, Arpit Gupta
Rank 68, Anendaya Rajshree
Rank 77, Ashutosh Kumar
Rank 125, Mohammad Saboor Khan
Rank 133, Kishlay Kushwaha
Rank 206, Anand Kumar Singh
Rank – 249, Prafulla Kumar Sharma
Rank – 281, Saurya Mann Patel
Rank-290, Prateek Jain
Rank – 296, Rituraj Pratap Singh
Rank – 334, Alok Prasad
Rank – 357, Kumar Saurabh
Rank – 394, Suvigya Chandra
Rank – 453, Shivam Chandra

These IAS aspirants from UP got their home cadre UP
Rank-1, Shruti Sharma
Rank – 5, Utkarsh Dwivedi
Rank – 249, Prafulla Kumar Sharma

Let us tell you that the result of UPSC Civil Services Exam 2021 was released on 30 May. Shruti Sharma secured the first position and Ankita Agarwal and Garima Singla secured the second and third positions in the examination.

upsc ias cadre allocation list: see here who got which cadre among the top 20 candidates of UPSC 2021
Rank 1 – Shruti Sharma got cadre from her home state Uttar Pradesh only.
Rank 2 – Ankita Agarwal of West Bengal got West Bengal Cadre.
Rank 3 – Gamini Singhla of Chandigarh got Uttar Pradesh cadre.
Rank 4 – Aishwarya Verma of Uttarakhand got MP Cadre.
Rank 5 – Utkarsh Dwivedi of UP got home cadre UP only.
Rank 6 – Yaksha Chowdhary of UP got Rajasthan Cadre.
Rank 7 – Samyak Jain of Delhi got AGMUT Cadre.
Rank 8 – Ishita Rathi from Delhi got AGMUT Cadre.
Rank 9 – Pritam Kumar of Rajasthan got Home Cadre Rajasthan Cadre.
Rank 11 – Shumbhakar Pratyush Pathak of Delhi got AGMUT Cadre.
Rank 12 – Yashrath Shekhar of UP got Rajasthan Cadre.
Rank 13 – Priyamvada Ashok of Maharashtra got Home Cadre Maharashtra.
Rank 14 – Abhinav Jain of Delhi got UP Cadre.
Rank 15 – C Yeshwanthkumar of Andhra got home cadre Andhra.
Rank 16 – Anshu Priya of Bihar got Rajasthan Cadre.
Rank 17 – Mehak Jain of Haryana got Gujarat cadre.
Rank 18 – Ravi Kumar Sihag of Rajasthan who got Hindi medium topper and All India 18th rank has got Madhya Pradesh.
Rank 19 – Diksha Joshi of Uttarakhand got UP cadre.
Rank 20 – Arpit Chauhan of Uttarakhand got Maharashtra cadre.

UPSC conducts preliminary, main and prelims examinations annually in three stages to select officers for civil services such as the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS), Indian Police Service (IPS), Indian Revenue Service (IRS), The interview is conducted by the Civil Services Examination. Every year around 9 lakh youths appear in this recruitment exam.

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