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Twitter tests its Spaces live audio feature on Communities: What is it

Twitter’s Spaces live audio feature allows users to join audio chats with other users of the platform. The company announced a redesigned Spaces tab with podcasts for its mobile app in August. Now, to improve the Spaces experience, the micro-blogging site is testing the feature for Twitter communities. Currently, only a handful of US users can test the new Spaces integration in Communities. However, Twitter has not offered any other details about when this feature will be made available for all users.
What are Twitter Communities
Twitter allows users to join its Communities or groups to discuss specific topics on an alternative timeline. Twitter Communities can also deploy admins and moderators who can decide which users will be allowed to access a particular community and can also remove tweets made by the participants of the group.

To improve this group experience, Twitter is now planning to create Spaces within these Communities.
What are Twitter Spaces
As mentioned above, the new Spaces tab in Twitter’s mobile app now includes podcasts as well. Here, users can select shows from multiple topics including news, music, and sports. Twitter also suggests new audio content based on the user’s interests. Moreover, users can also offer their feedback that will help the platform to improve these suggestions.
Earlier, Twitter even introduced exclusive Spaces for Super Follows for the creators on the platform. This feature allows creators to start a private audio chat with paying followers.
Importance of Twitter Spaces integration into Communities
As per the company, a new Spaces tab in Communities will allow the members of a particular group to engage more freely on a specific topic. In a statement to 9to5Mac, Twitter mentioned that the Spaces integration in Communities will create a place where users can have “more focused, meaningful and engaging conversations.”
Twitter has even mentioned that Spaces experience in Communities will be similar to participating in a regular Space on Twitter. However, the live audio chat option will be available only for the Community members and admins/moderators will be able to manage a live Space by working alongside the hosts.
Additionally, a live Space from a Community will also appear on the home page of the Twitter app.

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