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This Diwali Indian economy helps to grow sales records for many years broken in Noida only

Sales record for many years broken in Noida alone - India TV Hindi News
Photo:IANS This Diwali will prove to be a boon for the Indian economy.


  • 30 to 40 percent jump
  • 50 crore utensils expected to be sold
  • Vehicle business around Rs 300 crore

Diwali Indian Economy: Noida The market is fully decorated for Diwali. Talking about the past years, this will be the first time after the passing of the Karona period that people will be roaming in public places in the markets, shopping and enjoying their favorite things without wearing masks.

If we talk about gold-silver, decorative items, vehicles, sweets, then it is expected that in 2 days all these will be bought fiercely. Compared to last year, this time the business is likely to go around 1000 crores. Last year, according to different business organizations, the business had reached around Rs 800 crore and it is expected that this time this record will also be broken.

What is the emphasis of people on buying

This time the emphasis is on most vehicles, followed by second number, gold and silver, decorative items, clothes, utensils, sweets, gifts etc. Talking about vehicles, this time on Dhanteras and Diwali, the vehicle market has seen the biggest boom. Be it two wheeler or four wheeler.

Vehicle business around Rs 300 crore

So far around 6000 vehicles have been registered in Noida RTO. If we talk about the delivery for new vehicles, then in Dhanteras and Deepawali together there will be delivery of more than 16 hundred vehicles. If we talk about the vehicle business, then this time around Rs 300 crore is expected to be around the vehicle business. People are excited about the delivery of their favorite vehicles and more and more bookings are still taking place.

The dealers of the top brands of all the vehicles present in the district are very happy this time and want to deliver more and more vehicles. That is why people working there in double shift are also being called these days so that more and more customers can get their vehicles delivered till Diwali.

30 to 40 percent jump

Along with this, it is expected that gold can also set a new record for the sale of silver and diamond jewellery. Expect a jump of around 30 to 40 percent. Due to the slowdown in prices, the number of buyers is likely to be more and there is every possibility of jewelery sales above Rs 100 crore in Noida district.

50 crore utensils expected to be sold

One of the most important things is the sale of utensils during this period, which we cannot ignore. It is also expected in Noida district that this time around 50 crore utensils are expected to be sold as compared to last year.

What do the officials of the merchant organization say?

According to SK Jain, President of Sector 18 Market Association, after the last two years, the festive spirit is visible in the markets. Advance booking of automobiles, gift items and gold and silver is being done on Dhanteras and Diwali. This year it is expected to have about 30 percent more business than last year, which is very good for the traders and for the economy.

He also told that there is a gleam of happiness among the people of all the market associations, as the business is catching up very fast this time. Whether it is of vehicle, gold or silver, utensils, clothes or decorative items. All the traders involved and the factory owners who make them are very happy because the orders are getting a lot and the supply is also being done fast.

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