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This action of NATO forces increases the risk of nuclear war, will the first nuclear bomb fall on Russia before Ukraine?

Nato Atomic Practice- India TV Hindi News

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Nato Atomic Practice


  • Is nuclear preparedness of NATO countries the answer to Putin’s threats?
  • NATO kept media away from nuclear preparation
  • NATO is conducting exercises after the threat of nuclear attack on Ukraine

Nuclear Bomb: After World War II, is the world once again in the grip of nuclear war, can Russia be attacked with a nuclear bomb before Ukraine? started practicing. This has caused panic all over the world. So far, Russian President Putin has been terrorizing the world by threatening to attack Ukraine with an atomic bomb, but now the actions of NATO forces have increased the threat of nuclear war.

But the question is whether NATO forces are preparing to respond to Putin’s nuclear attack or whether NATO already wants to drop nuclear bombs on Russia after seeing Ukraine lose. So that Ukraine survives. Are NATO forces now convinced that Putin will definitely launch a nuclear attack on Ukraine? Therefore, without wasting any chance, the atomic bomb should be dropped on Russia itself. So that Russia does not have the opportunity to launch a nuclear attack on Ukraine?

NATO forces begin nuclear drills

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has stirred up a nuclear exercise in northwestern Europe on Monday. However, NATO countries say that this is their annual exercise and it was being planned for a long time. But it is important to remember that this NATO exercise is taking place at a time when Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened that his country can use any means to defend its territory in the midst of the Ukraine-Russia war. . 14 of the 30 NATO member states are participating in the exercise. Military alliance NATO said about 60 aircraft, including fighter jets and surveillance and refueling aircraft, would be involved in the exercise.

One thousand km away from Russia’s border
The main exercise will take place at least 1,000 kilometers (625 mi) from Russia’s borders. The long-range American fighter aircraft B-52 will also be included in this exercise. The exercise, named “Steadfast Noon”, will continue till October 30. NATO has kept the media away from this exercise. The organization said the training flights would be over Belgium, the North Sea and the UK.

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