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Students up to the rank of 23479 got admission in IIT Dhanbad

In IIT ISM Dhanbad, seats have been allotted to the students of JEE Advanced from 1389 rank (opening rank) to 23479 rank (closing) in the year 2022-23 session. JoSAA (Joint Seat Allocation Authority) has released the final 6th round seat allotment. Now the concerned students will have to deposit the fees by Tuesday. Now the seats will remain vacant if the fee is not paid. Comparing with the year 2021 batch, it is clear that last year 907 ranks got admission in Computer Science. This time the best ranker is 1389.

At the same time, last year, 26,162 students up to rank (closing) got admission in mining machinery. This time the closing rank has improved by 2,683 ranks. Admission process started for 1125 seats in IIT Dhanbad. It will be clear in a few days how many seats remained vacant. It is discussed that some seats are left vacant in the reserved category. 118 seats are reserved for girls under super numerical quota. For this reason the talk of going behind the closing rank KIt’s just going

Admission got even after 20 thousand ranks in 8 departments
In eight departments of IIT ISM Dhanbad, students after 20 thousand rank have also got a chance. These include applied geology, applied geophysics, civil engineering, environmental engineering, mineral, mining, mining machinery and petroleum engineering. On the other hand, compared to the year 2021, IIT Dhanbad has lagged behind in the opening and closing ranks of many branches.

Campus reporting of new students on 26

October 26 is the reporting day at IIT ISM for the students who accept the seat by paying the fees online after the seat is allotted. Only on 26th the students will go to their respective hostels. Introduction session will be organized on 27th and 28th. After that the document verification process will be completed. Classes will start from 31st October.


IIT Dhanbad in the year
branch opening closing

Applied Geology 14986 23479
Applied Geophysics 15034 22862

Chemical Engineering 9787 17395
Civil Engineering 10416 21040

computer science 1389 5914
Electrical 5463 12295

electronic communication 4049 10371
Engineering Physics 9389 19740

Environmental Engineering 12871 23245
Mathematics and Computing 3183 10634

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mechanical engineering 7151 17320
Mineral Metallurgical 11751 22092

Mining Engineering 11904 23279
Mining Machinery 12836 23356

Petroleum Engineering 9497 22202

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