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Pakistan Flood Relief: Billions of help received from many countries

Pakistan Flood Relief: Pakistan, which is going through a financial crisis, is roaming all over the world seeking help for flood victims. In this episode, after America and South Korea, now Germany has announced an aid of Rs 80 crore. This money was received during the visit of Pakistan Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to Germany.

Gadget Bilawal Bhutto, seeing the opportunity, also chanted Kashmir raga by getting this money. He spewed venom over Kashmir, making German Foreign Minister Annalena Barbock uncomfortable in a joint press conference. Seeing the opportunity, Germany also expressed condolences by describing Pakistan as a natural disaster-hit country. About 1700 people have died and 2 million homes have been damaged in the flood that came after heavy rains in Pakistan.

Bilawal Bhutto cried for floods in Germany

The government estimates that Pakistan has lost $30 billion in damages to crops, roads, livestock, bridges, homes, schools and medical facilities. German Foreign Minister Annalena Barbock expressed sympathy for the families of the victims of the devastating floods, saying that Pakistan is the country most affected by climate change.

Barbock said the current devastation in Pakistan is a warning to the world about the dramatic consequences of climate change. On bilateral relations, the German foreign minister said that Berlin intends to diversify its relations with Islamabad in the economic spheres and is also looking forward to investing in Pakistan.

Asian Development Bank and European Union also gave money

Germany’s first Asian Development Bank (ADB) earlier this week announced $2.3 billion in flood-relief aid. The European Union (EU) has also increased its flood aid to 30 million euros (6.7 billion Pakistani rupees). The United Nations increased its humanitarian aid appeal for Pakistan five-fold from $160 million to $816 million.

The United Nations expressed fears that water-borne diseases could increase in Pakistan and the country could be headed for starvation. Meanwhile, Pakistan’s Climate Change Minister Sherry Rehman said that out of the $160 million pledged to the United Nations, only $90 million has been received so far.

America has given billions of dollars in aid to Pakistan

The relations between Pakistan and America have increased since the formation of the Shahbaz government. The US recently appointed Donald Blom to the post of ambassador which has been lying vacant for four years. Not only this, America has also given a huge help of $ 66 million to Pakistan for flood relief.

At the behest of America, many countries and various agencies of the United Nations have also sent relief materials for the flood-affected people. So far 131 aircraft have reached Pakistan carrying these relief materials, but a large number of people have complained that either they have received little help or they are still waiting for help.

Food insecurity crisis deepens in Pakistan

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said in its latest report released on Saturday that the current floods are expected to exacerbate food insecurity in Pakistan and between September and November, about 5.7 million people in flood-affected areas were seriously affected by food. Will face a crisis.

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However, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), even before the devastating floods. About 16 percent of Pakistan’s population was facing moderate or severe levels of food insecurity. At the same time, the Pakistani government has insisted that there is nothing to worry about food supply immediately. As the country has sufficient stock of wheat till the next harvesting season and the government is also importing additional wheat.

In Sindh province, 50 percent of the water receded

Pakistan’s foreign minister said that about 50 percent of the water in Sindh province. Which was badly affected by the floods in the country, has receded. This has given hope to the farmers that they will be able to sow their crops. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said in the press conference that. We are using all our resources to remove the remaining water from the flood-hit Sindh province. This is the first time that an official has confirmed that 50 percent of the flood waters. In Sindh province have receded. About four lakh people are living in relief camps in the province.

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