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Now 4G Smartphones Will Not Be Made More Than Rupees 10000

5G Smartphones: Now 4G smartphones will not be sold in India for more than Rs 10,000. Representatives of smartphone makers have assured the government that gradually the production of 4G smartphones of Rs 10,000 and above will be stopped. Companies are fully prepared to shift to 5G technology. A meeting was held between representatives of mobile makers, Department of Telecommunications (DoT), telecom operators and MeitY officials. In this meeting, talks were also held to release 5G software update soon for 5G compatible smartphones.

According to the report, the government has asked mobile operators and smartphone makers to release 5G service software updates for 5G smartphones in the next three months. After this meeting, an official told ANI that smartphone makers are gradually shifting towards 5G phones of Rs 10,000 or above.

Number of smartphone users in India

According to the official, there are currently around 750 million (750 million) smartphone users in India, of which 100 million (100 million) users are using 5G ready smartphones. However, 350 million (350 million) users have only 3G/4G compatible smartphones. The official further said that there is a plan to gradually stop the production of 3G / 4G smartphones of 10 thousand rupees or above.

This discussion took place in the meeting

This meeting lasted for more than an hour. In this meeting, the officials of Apple, Samsung, telecom operators Apple, Jio, Vi as well as top government officials were discussed. The purpose of the meeting was to provide 5G service to the users soon. This meeting was also set up to establish better coordination between telecom operators and smartphone makers. After this meeting, smartphone makers have agreed to test the 5G service of mobile operators.

Many devices do not support 5G network

According to the report, currently 100 million users in the country have 5G smartphones, but many devices are unable to get 5G network, because mobile manufacturers have not yet released the update of 5G network for them. These include brands like Apple, Samsung. However, Apple, Samsung and Google have confirmed that they will soon release OTA updates for 5G compatible devices.

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