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Nepal 30 Member Delegation Of Teachers Came Delhi To See Delhi’s Government Schools And Education Model ANN

Neapli Deligation Came to see Delhi Govt. School: The model of government schools of Delhi government is becoming increasingly popular in other countries and the delegation there is coming to see it. In this episode, a 30-member delegation of school principals, vice principals and teachers from Tilottama municipality of Lumbini, Nepal has come to visit Delhi government schools for three days. This delegation reached Delhi on Thursday. On Thursday, Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister Manish Sisodia spoke to him and welcomed him to visit government schools in Delhi on the second day of his visit.

The delegation also spoke to teachers and students

On the first day of their visit, the delegation visited two Delhi government schools and interacted with students and teachers. He also attended classes on Happiness Curriculum, Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum and Patriotic Curriculum to understand the concept of Delhi Government’s Mindset Curriculum and understand how these courses are playing a vital role in all round development of children.

Manish Sisodia gave credit to the public for a good model

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While interacting with the delegation, Manish Sisodia said, ‘Delhi’s model of education has become so brilliant because of the efforts of the people of Delhi. The people of Delhi showed faith in Arvind Kejriwal and on the basis of this belief, the government brought a revolution in the public education sector. He said that as a government, our aim is to establish an educated nation which can efficiently deal with the issues of poverty, unemployment and inequality. Only education is the solution to all these issues. He said that ‘By improving the school infrastructure and introducing new curriculum, we aim to provide new opportunities to the students and help them learn and grow as a responsible citizen. This goal of the government is being successfully achieved by the efforts of those teachers who were trained by the government at the global level for their professional development.

Delhi model was our priority

Sharing his objective of the visit, Shyam Lal Kharel, an educationist and senior member of the delegation, said, “We are launching several initiatives to bring about a change in government schools. It was our priority to look at the Delhi education model to find out best practices for education in our schools. He said that it is our eagerness to learn from Delhi’s education model and understand the process of implementation at the grassroots level of Delhi Government’s flagship courses for all round development of the children, which has brought us here. He further said that he was amazed to see how the existing teachers have been trained so well to improve the academic standards of the schools. He showed interest in adopting Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum (EMC) and Patriotic Curriculum for the students of Nepal.

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