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Moved Even SC; At Last Mathrubhumi Apologises To RSS

Mathrubhumi Apologises To RSS: Mathrubhumi weekly expressed regret for carrying false matters against RSS. Interestingly this step is after losing the legal battle even in Supreme Court. The apology has been carried out in Mathrubhumi weekly. It has carried the regret note in its issue dated October 9, 2022. The apology by the editor is in the light of the article carried under the cover page title “Bheekarathude Virus” (Virus of Terrorism).

It was part of the series of five articles from February 27, 2011, to March titled “Will RSS Terrorism Swallow India ?” The article was authored by Badri Reyna. Mathrubhumi Apologises To RSS has come up while the defamation case filed by the then RSS Prath Karyavah P. Gopalankutty Master proceeds in Ernakulam Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate Court. Adv. K.K. Baralaram sent a legal notice to Mathrubhumi on March 19, 2013, pointing out that the article was factually wrong. It stated that it was based on the statement Swami Aseemananda submitted before Panchkula Chief Judicial Magistrate Court, Haryana.

The forged statement of Swami Aseemananda was the result of a dirty conspiracy hatched to defame RSS during the UPA regime. The court acquitted Swamiji in 2019 after finding out that the statement was not genuine. And he was making to sign it by force. Mathrubhumi’s first response to RSS legal notice claimed that Badri Reyna had penned the article based on his investigations and research.

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The Gopalankutty Master filed the case in Ernakulam Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate Court stating that Mathrubhumi’s reply was unacceptable. Mathrubhumi Printer & Publisher M.N. Ravi Varma, Managing Editor P.V. Chandran, Editor K.K. Sreedharan Nair, Deputy Editor M.P. Gopinath, Assistant Editor Kamalram Sajeev, author Badri Reyna and translator K.P. Dhanya were the accused in the case.

Even though Mathrubhumi moved Kerala High Court praying to dismiss it, Court rejected it. Court did not accept the Mathruhumi argument that the complainant had no right to file the case and RSS is not a defined organization. High Court observed that every RSS worker reserves the right to file a defamation case if somebody publishes articles defaming his organization. High Court said quick action should be takens according to law.

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Justice Sofi Thomas issued the significant verdict on January 7 rejecting the petition of Mathrubhumi. Then Mathrubhumi moved Supreme Court, but the apex court upheld the verdict of the High Court and ordered to continue the case in the trial court. Accordingly, the case continued in the Ernakulam Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate Court. Meanwhile, Mathrubhumi has carried regrets accepting that the article is factually wrong.

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