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Modis Navnirman Limited giving 3 bonus share company stocks delivered 100 percent return – Business News India

A smallcap company in the real estate industry is going to give a big gift to its investors. This company is Modi’s Navnirman Limited (Modis Navnirman). The real estate company is going to give bonus shares to the investors in the ratio of 3:1. That is, the company will give 3 bonus shares for every 1 share. The company has fixed the record date for the bonus share as Friday 28 October 2022. Shares of Modi’s Navnirman hit a new 52-week high on October 25, 2022.

Company’s shares gave 100% return in 4 months
Shares of Modi’s Navnirman Limited have given 100% return in the last four and a half months. The shares of the real estate company reached a new 52-week high of Rs 378.75 on Tuesday, October 25, 2022. The IPO of the realty company came on 23 June 2022 and it was listed on the stock market on 6 July 2022. The company’s shares were at a level of Rs 188.95 on the Bombay Stock Exchange on 6 July 2022, which reached Rs 378.75 on Tuesday. The 52-week low of the company’s shares is Rs 184.

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Shares of the realty company climbed 25% in a month
Shares of Modi’s Navnirman Ltd (Modis Navnirman) have gained more than 25% in a month. The shares of the realty company were at the level of Rs 300 on 28 September 2022. The company’s shares closed at Rs 378.75 on BSE on October 25, 2022. Shares of Modi’s Navnirman have gained over 15% in the last 3 trading sessions. The promoters’ shareholding in the company stood at 99.98 per cent in the June 2022 quarter. The promoter shareholding in the company stands at 70.20 per cent in the September 2022 quarter.

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Disclaimer: The information given here is only about the performance of the stock, it is not an investment advice. Investing in the stock market is subject to risks and please consult your advisor before investing.

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