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India capable of achieving nine percent growth rate: Sanyal

New Delhi, November 24 (Language) India is capable of achieving a growth rate of nine per cent, but considering the global situation at present, the country should be satisfied with an economic growth of 6.5-7 per cent.

Sanjeev Sanyal, a member of the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council, said this.

He said at the ‘Times Now Summit 2022’ that India is following an “investment and export-led growth model” and that the RBI and the government have followed a restrained macroeconomic outlook in turbulent global times, which is a Right step.

“These are very turbulent times and we are already achieving seven per cent growth,” Sanyal said. In this way, with the help of the system we have created, we have been able to register a growth of nine percent in normal times.

The global economy is facing a supply chain crisis following the Russia-Ukraine war in February.

A Finance Ministry report said that despite global monetary tightening, India is capable of growing at a moderate to fast pace in the coming years with macroeconomic stability.

He said that India is getting involved in the global supply chain.

Sanyal said, “Apple has the only production facility in India after the problem at the Foxconn factory in China. There is an opportunity for us to enter the global supply chain and we are already doing so.

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