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How To Get Blue Tick On Facebook Account Know Easy Way In Hindi

Facebook Blue Tick Process: These days the craze of blue tick is speaking on the microblogging website Twitter. This craze is slowly catching the way of Facebook too. Do you know that apart from Twitter and Instagram, users on Facebook can also get their account verified with a blue tick. In this verification, the user does not have to pay any kind of cost. If you want to get blue tick by verifying your Facebook account, then for this you just have to understand the policy criteria of the social networking site.

You must have seen a blue tick on the accounts of celebrities many times on social media. This blue tick appears directly below their profile. In such a situation, the thought comes in the mind that how does one get this blue tick. In today’s report, we are going to tell you that how you can get blue tick i.e. blue badge on your profile? Let’s know.

not easy to get blue tick on facebook

If you want to get a blue tick that looks like Twitter on your Facebook profile, then for this you have to follow the guidelines of Facebook. After this, if you get a blue tick once, no matter how many copies of your name, your profile page will stand out from the crowd. Let us tell you that Facebook does not verify an account easily, but once you get the blue tick, your page becomes more reliable than before.

right way to get blue tick on facebook

To get your Facebook profile verified, you have to fill the correct information in your about section. Before verifying the account, Facebook asks the user to fill a form and ask for some necessary documents. For Facebook page verification, you must have birth certificate, driving license, passport. Apart from this, if you run or work in any company or organization, then it is necessary to have its documents with you.

  • After reading the guidelines, go to the settings of your Facebook account.
  • Now tap on edit appearing next to the name at the top of the general account settings.
  • After this select learn more and after the new page opens, select let us know.
  • Now type how do i verify my account in the search bar at the top and press the enter button.
  • Then tap on verify profiles and pages.
  • Now when the new page opens, click on verification.
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  • Here fill the information asked for blue tick.

Note: If your page is in a category like Sports, Celebrity, or Music, it may take 3 to 6 days to get verified. On the other hand, it may take 7-45 days for those coming in the business category to get the profile verified.

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