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Harley Davidson Look For Permanent Work From Home As Tesla And Apple Pushing Employees To Come To Office

New Delhi: The Corona pandemic changed the corporate world. People have made a wonderful connection with work from home. Now the employees are opposing every attempt to open the office. Whether it is Tesla or Apple, companies have to be strict with the employees to call the office. Efforts are being made to prepare them for coming to office. On the other hand, a company like Harley-Davidson wants employees to stay at home. This 119-year-old motorcycle company closed its headquarters in Milwaukee in March 2020, since then it has remained closed. Bloomberg reports that Jochen Zeitz, Harley’s chief executive officer, wants to make some more use of the 500,000 sq ft office. Zeitz, who took charge of the company in 2020, is the father of two children. He says the combination of the pandemic and being a father convinced him that virtual meetings get more priority.

“No matter where the guy is sitting, just push a button to bring him online or create a meeting… it doesn’t depend on which floor you’re on and who’s in the corner office,” Zeitz told Bloomberg in an interview with Bloomberg. Democratization comes in the way you work and you can get the best talent in the company, no matter where they sit.

Harley CEO thinks completely different from Musk
Harley says the Milwaukee headquarters will remain an “integral” part of the company. It is not clear what the Jets are going to do there. His philosophy is the exact opposite of Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s thinking. Musk recently told his employees that he would have to spend 40 hours in the office every week. If he does not come to office, he will be treated as resignation. Many other companies are also on Tesla’s way, some are trying to find a middle ground.

There is a lot of opposition to calling the office
Any attempt by the employees to open offices has been opposed. In September, General Motors issued a decree for its employees to come to the office at least 3 days a week. The protest was so strong that the order had to be withdrawn within a few days. The Company also relaxed on several other conditions such that no remotely hired employee shall be compelled to relocate to any GM facility.

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