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Gujarat Assembly Elections: Whose government is being formed?

Gujarat Assembly Elections: Assembly elections are expected in Gujarat by the end of this year. In such a situation, it is becoming a matter of curiosity and curiosity for all of us whether this time also BJP will be successful in forming its government in this state or is it going to be replaced by AAP or Congress?

Conscious voters of this state have not always been negligent in giving their mandate. Voters here have been supporting the BJP for the past several assembly elections on issues like nationalism. In the last assembly elections, the BJP had formed the government just like that.

Therefore, the opponents of the BJP are hopeful that this time they will be successful in defeating the BJP here. Although the defeat of the BJP is not so easy. Because the present Chief Minister of Gujarat has succeeded in handling the situation of the BJP to a great extent. Being the home province of Prime Minister Modi, people would also like to see BJP win in this state.

We would also like to clarify that the coming to power of any such party in a border province like Gujarat will be fatal not only for the people of the province but also for the country that gives its direct or indirect support to terrorists or anti-national forces.

From this point of view, this time the election of the Gujarat Assembly will also be very important. Being the home province of the Prime Minister, anti-national forces like PFI have been working to instigate people here too. Therefore, it is expected from the conscious voters of Gujarat that they will give their decision after thinking.

Gujarat Assembly Elections: BJP vs Congress

In this year’s assembly elections, Aam Aadmi Party, BJP, and Congress are face to face in Gujarat. This time a triangular contest can be seen in the assembly elections to be held in Gujarat. So far, the same fact is coming out from the pre-poll analysis and the ongoing pre-poll surveys.

People are disliking the double ideology of Congress. But it is a surprising fact that instead of Congress people are seen giving their support to Nautankiwal Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party.

C-Voter has conducted an Opinion Poll for ABP News in Gujarat. C-Voter has surveyed all the assembly seats in Gujarat. While BJP’s return to power is believing to be certain from this survey.

It is also a fact that after that Nautankiwal Kejriwal’s party is seens coming at number two. Why are people thinking like this? This question is certainly relevant at the moment. Do people, not like BJP’s nationalism, or are people like the dual ideology?

According to the opinion poll conducted by C-Voter in Gujarat, once again BJP has the upper hand in Gujarat. And according to the data of the C-Voter survey came out. The BJP government can be formes once in Gujarat. According to the figures, there is 63 percent of people in Gujarat believe that BJP can win the Gujarat assembly elections.

There 9 percent of people believe that Congress can win in the 2022 assembly elections to be helds this time. While 19 percent of people believe that Aam Aadmi Party can win in Gujarat.
People have also shared their opinion regarding the party’s seats for the Gujarat Assembly elections.

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In Gujarat’s first opinion poll, BJP is likely to get 135-143 seats. 36-44 seats can come into Congress’s account, 0-2 seats in AAP’s account, and 0-3 seats in others’ accounts.

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According to the figures in this opinion poll of Gujarat, BJP can get a bumper lead and this time in the Gujarat Assembly elections, BJP itself can break its old record. It is clear from these figures that this time the Aam Aadmi Party will get more public support than the Congress, although its seats will remain fewer.

By strengthening the cultural nationalism of the country, it is necessary to support the parties committed to Vedic culture. We are not indicating this to any particular party, rather we are pointing to every political party that believes in Vedic nationalism.

The cultural nationalism of India has been enriches only by Vedic nationalism. This cultural nationalism is the same nationalism that supports the fundamental rights of every individual. Although he strongly prohibits any person from standing against the nation.

To completely suppress the anti-national forces, which political party declares it’s objective and declares appeasement of any community as a national crime, that party should get the support of the people.

Political parties determined to build India according to Vedic values ​​by adopting. The Indian Vedic education system should also be giving support on behalf of the people. The day India will adopt such frank policies and the voters here will become aware and start supporting such parties.

On that day the anti-national forces will automatically be wipes out from the country. The voter of the country has to wake up now for this great revolution to happen without guns.


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