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Government sought information about vacant posts from public undertakings

The government asked for information about vacant posts from public undertaking recruitments, also asked to make outline

Vacant posts: Oct 17 (PTI) The government has asked all public sector undertakings (PSUs) to seek the details of vacancies as well as prepare a roadmap to fill those posts.

A senior official of a public sector undertaking told PTI that the government has sought information from the undertakings regarding the vacancies lying vacant at the entry-level as well as at the senior level.

This step has been taken by the government in the midst of protests being expressed by the opposition parties on the rising unemployment in the country.

The entry-level vacancies, to be identified by December this year, are proposed to be filled by August-September next year, the PSU official said.

He said that filling up of vacant posts in government institutions takes time. The appointments are made in a transparent manner following the specified guidelines. Also tests and interviews are conducted on the basis of advertisements deciding the eligibility criteria.

The official said that as candidates from across the country participate in the recruitment process, each phase of it takes time.

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According to official data, there were 255 Central Public Enterprises (CPSEs) operating at the end of the financial year 2020-21. Of these, 177 CPSEs were running in profit. And earned a total profit of Rs 1.89 lakh crore during the financial year 2020-21.

The finance ministry last month held a meeting with heads of public sector banks. And financial institutions to review the employment situation. In these institutions and their monthly recruitment plan.

Many public sector banks have also started the process of recruitment. The country’s largest bank SBI has recently released an advertisement for the recruitment of 1,673 Trainee Officers (PO).

The workforce of public sector banks reached 8.86 lakh in the financial year 2012-13. But by the year 2020-21, this number has come down to 7.80 lakh.

In view of the opposition’s attacking attitude toward unemployment. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had in June last told various government institutions. And ministries that they would have to work in ‘mission mode’ to make 10 lakh recruitments. In the next one and a half years.

(Kumar Dipankar)

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