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Google introduced Passkey feature, you can login to any website without password


Google has introduced passkey feature for its users.
After entering the passkey, users will be able to log in without a password.
Google may give passkey facility to regular users by the end of the year.

New Delhi. Google has introduced a new passkey feature for Android devices and Google Chrome. This feature provides extra security to the users. Through this feature, users will be able to authenticate their identity using PIN or biometric authentication instead of password to log into any website or app. The new feature gives users a more secure option as compared to the two-factor authentication method.

It is worth noting that in early May this year, Apple, Google and Microsoft announced to offer a simple passwordless sign-in option for users. It is called ‘Passkey’ developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the FIDO Alliance. The search giant is now making this a reality. However, this feature is currently available only for developers and Google is planning to roll out the passkey feature to regular users later this year.

Passkey can be created on any Android device
The tech giant says that the passkey can be created and used on any Android device. This requires backing up to a cloud-service, because when a user sets up a new Android device by transferring data from an old device, the existing end-to-end encryption passkey is securely transferred to the new device, according to Google. Will go

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Google account can create passkey
Google says that users will be able to easily create a passkey on their Android device by authenticating their registered fingerprint or face unlock by completing a simple process with just a Google Account. Passkey is a cryptographic private passkey. In most cases, this private key remains only on the users’ own devices, such as laptops or mobile phones.

Passkey can come in only one device
Google says that when a passkey is generated, only its respective public passkey is stored by the online service. During login, the service uses the public passkey to verify the private passkey signature, which can only come from one of the users’ devices.

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