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False article against RSS went all the way to the Supreme Court

Kozhikode: Mathrubhumi expressed regret for publishing a false article against RSS. The most remarkable thing is that Mathrubhumi’s expression of regret came after he went to the Supreme Court arguing that his position was right and lost there too.

The regret was expressed in Mathrubhumi Weekly, October 9, 2022 issue. The editor has expressed regret for publishing an article on ‘Virus of Terrorism’. With the cover page headline ‘Will RSS Terrorism Devour India’ in its five March and February 27, 2011 issues. The article was by Badri Raina. Against this, the then RSS regional leader P. Mathrubhumi’s expression of regret came while the case filed by Gopalankutty Master was pending in Ernakulam Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate Court.

Adv. K.K. pointed out that the published article was based on the statement given by Swami Aseemananda in the court of Panchkula Chief Judicial Magistrate, Haryana. Balaram had sent a lawyer notice against Mathrubhumi on March 19, 2013. The false statement made in the name of Swami Aseemananda was a plan that took place during the UPA government to make the RSS stronger. He was acquitted by the court in 2019 after it was found that the statement was not given voluntarily and was signed under force. But the Mathrubhumi lawyer’s first reply to the notice was that Badri Raina had prepared an article based on investigation and research.

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P. Gopalankutty Master filed a case in the Court of Ernakulam Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate stating that the reply was not acceptable. Mathrubhumi Printer and Publisher M.N. Ravi Varma, Managing Editor P.V. Chandran, the then editor K.K. Sridharan Nair, Deputy Editor M.P. Gopinath, Assistant Editor Kamalram Sajeev, Correspondent Badri Raina Translator K.P. Nine people including Dhanya were accused in the case.

A petition was filed in the Mathrubhumi High Court seeking dismissal of the case, but the court rejected it. The court did not accept Mathrubhumi’s contention that the complainant did not have jurisdiction to file the case. And that the RSS was not a defined organization. The HC ruled that anyone in the organization has the right to file a complaint if a defamatory is published of false article against RSS and that legal action should be taken speedily in the case.

Justice Sophie Thomas dismissed the petition and issued an important judgment on January 7. Mathrubhumi approached the Supreme Court, but the judgment of the High Court was upheld. And the case was continued in the trial court. Following this, the case was continued in the Ernakulam Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate Court. Meanwhile, Mathrubhumi expressed regret and accepted that the facts in the article were not correct.

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