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BTech vs BE : difference between BTech and BE which engineering degree course is better be or b tech

BTech vs BE: After passing 12th, there is a question in the mind of many students who want to do engineering whether to do BTech or BE. Students are often confused about the difference and similarity between BTech (Bachelor of Technology) and BE (Bachelor of Engineering). Equal importance is given to both these courses. Both degrees seem to be the same. Both are four-year undergraduate engineering degree courses, in which admission can be taken after 12th by giving JEE Main or any other engineering entrance examination. In fact, many universities in India offer degrees in subjects like engineering, arts, science and commerce. The way these universities give the degree of BA to Bachelor of Arts and B.Com to Bachelor of Commerce, in the same way they give the name of BE degree to the person doing Bachelor of Engineering. On the other hand, there are many technical institutes in the country which give the name of BTech to their engineering degree.

IIT and NIT technical institutes offer B.Tech degree. It is not that all the institutes give degree in the name of B.Tech. The prestigious BITS Pilani Institute offers the degree of B.E.

The main difference between BTech and BE degree is told in the methodology of education of these courses. The syllabus of BTech course is considered skill oriented. In this, more emphasis is placed on practical rather than theory. Whereas in BE there is more emphasis on theory and fundamentals. In BE where various aspects of engineering are understood in depth, in BTech the technical aspects and applications of science are understood.

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In the syllabus and course of B.Tech, where internship and contact with the industry are considered mandatory, in most places industrial visits are not a necessary part of the BE course.

While BTech degree is technology oriented, BE degree is knowledge oriented.

Apart from all this, the BTech course is updated more according to the changing needs of the industry in comparison to BE.

However, many experts believe that the difference between BE and BTech is historical. There is a misconception that BE is theoretical and BTech is practical. Presently the course of both is almost same but the approach may be different.

According to the rules of the government, both the degrees are equal.
AICTE considers both BE and BTech as equal. Both degrees are equally recognized in terms of opportunities. If a job comes out for a BTech degree holder, then a BE person can also apply in it. Both degrees give equal opportunities in India and in other countries.

After BE and BTech, both the students can apply for courses like ME, MBA and MSc, and also for degrees like MTech MS. Students can also do MBA if they want.

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