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BSc vs BS : difference between BSc and BS which bachelor of science degree good after 12th class

BSc vs BS: After passing 12th from science stream, students have many options. The most popular options for those interested in core science are BSc and BS degree courses. But students remain confused about the difference between these courses. Both BS and BSc are courses Bachelor of Science. Then what is the difference between these two? Actually the biggest difference between these two is their duration. Generally, where the BSc degree course is of three years, the BS degree course is of four years. However, after the implementation of the new education policy, students doing four years course of BA, BSc, BCom with research will also be able to do PhD directly without taking master’s degree. One difference is that in BS the focus is more on research. Usually BS is offered in institutes as a dual degree course of BS-MS. Theory based study is more in B.Sc.

BS Bachelor of Science is a specialized degree. After graduation, in many places BS degree holders are considered at par with BTech ones. After BS, one year MS or two year MS or PhD can also be done. Whereas after doing BSC, there is an option to do MSc and MTech. Some career experts believe that doing MTech after BSc is difficult.

After doing BS, one can apply for PhD in many universities. After BS, one can take admission in MS through GATE exam.

After doing 4 years BS, you will get easy admission in foreign universities for higher education. There is more acceptance of the four-year Specialized Program in Science (BS Research) than the B.Sc. MSc and BS are sometimes given the same preference.

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There is no need to do any research work in B.Sc. While one year research work is mandatory in four year B.S.

– In the initial years in BS, you will learn all the subjects of science including Physics, Chemistry, Bio, Maths, Humanities, Basic Engineering, Material Science. After this you have to decide in which you will do research and specialization. Whereas in B.Sc you have to decide during the admission itself that in which to do B.Sc. You have to do B.Sc in any of the subjects you have studied in 12th. This does not happen in BS.

BSC course where you will get it in most of the universities of the country while BS you will not get it everywhere. IIT Khadpur offers BS in Applied Geology, Chemistry, Economics, Exploration Geophysics, Maths & Computing and Physics. IIT Madras offers a four-year BS degree in Programming and Data Science.

IIT Jodhpur has a four-year BS program in Chemistry and Physics with a focus on technology. The curriculum of this course is very close to engineering.

IISER Bhopal (BS- MS – IISER Bhopal) has BS MS dual degree course. IISc Bangalore also offers BS Research course in which admission is through KVPY.

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