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Bikaji Food IPO Listing future of this FMCG Stock expert opinion

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The wait for investors who bet on the IPO of Bikaji Foods is coming to an end today. The company will debut in the Share Market today i.e. on 16 November 2022. As per the information available on BSE, Bikaji Foods International Limited will be listed on BSE and NSE on Wednesday, November 16, 2022. Let’s know what the experts are speculating?

What is Bikaji’s GMP?

According to experts tracking the gray market, Bikaji IPO is available at a premium of Rs 28 today. It was available at a premium of Rs 90 before the IPO opened. That is, with the passage of time, there has been a decline here. Looking at GMP, it is being speculated that the listing of the company will be positive.

Government company announced dividend of 135%, record date is in November itself

What are the experts saying

According to experts, whoever has been allotted stock will get ‘fair reward’ at the time of listing. In case of being bullish, Bikaji’s stock will list at Rs 350 per share. At the same time, in case of being negative, the shares of the company can be listed around 300. Abhay Doshi, Founder, UnlistedArena.com says, “IPO season is in full swing right now. Bikaji’s IPO has been successful in attracting investors despite being priced high. The response received from the QIB segment is satisfactory. This can boost the listing. Market conditions are also favorable. In such a situation, we expect that the company’s shares can be listed in the range of Rs 320 to Rs 350.

Ravi Singhal, CEO, GCL Securities says, “Everything will depend on the mood of the market. If the market opens with a bullish momentum then we can expect a listing around Rs.350. At the same time, if the market is in a weak condition, it can be listed around Rs 300.

(Disclaimer: Here only information about the performance of the stock is given, it is not an investment advice. Investing in the stock market is subject to risks and before investing, consult your advisor.)

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