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Asia’s largest biogas plant started in Sangrur, biogas will be made from stubble

New Delhi : Asia’s largest biogas plant has started in India. This biogas plant is located in Sangrur, Punjab. A large quantity of stubble will be used as raw material in this plant. Compressed Biogas (CBG) made from stubble can be used for driving like CNG and cooking like LPG. The plant is spread over 23 acres. More than 600 people will get employment from this plant. A German company has started this biogas plant. The biggest advantage of this biogas plant will be in preventing pollution from stubble. Stubble burning is done on a large scale in Haryana and Punjab.

If stubble is used, there will be a reduction in pollution
In Punjab Haryana, stubble continues to burn for several weeks. Its smoke spreads in Delhi-NCR. Due to increasing air pollution in Delhi, there is a ban on stubble burning across the country. But farmers say that they do not have any economical solution to dispose of the leftover stubble after harvesting paddy. So it has to be burnt. The Compressed Biogas Plant in Sangrur can be used as raw material on a large scale.

how will work

Heavy stubble stubble will be sent to a crushing machine through a conveyor belt at the Bio-Gase Plant in Sangrur. This crushing machine will convert the stubble into sawdust. After this, this sawdust is mixed with cow dung water and kept in heavy containers. Biogas is made from this through bacteria. In this way bio gas is formed from straw. This bio gas can be compressed and used in vehicles like CNG.

farmers will earn
This biogas plant will also increase the income of the farmers. When farmers give stubble to the plant, they will also get money in return. The special thing is that after preparing bundles of stubble from the fields and bringing it to the plant, it is the entire responsibility of the plant itself. Let us inform that commercial production in this plant has started from August. The plant is supplying compressed bio gas to Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL).
Pollution In Delhi: Delhi’s air will get worse in 2 to 3 days, due to prolonged rains, incidents of stubble burning may increase
what is the capacity
The biogas plant in Sangrur can produce 33 tonnes of compressed biogas from 300 tonnes of straw per day. Presently this plant is producing 8 tonnes of biogas from 702 tonnes of straw. The Petroleum Ministry says that soon the entire 33 tonnes of gas will be procured daily from this plant.

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